About us

About us

Since its inception in 2009, it has focused on the development of carbon fiber drones.ASUAV is a R & D design team which begin at 2009, they creat a new brand in 2016. Team members of ASUAV have been working in drone field for more than 10 years, providing service to several brands of UAV. They have accumulated ideas of Technology Development after years working. ASUAV mainlly works in the development and selling of multi-rotor aircrafts, which widely used in felds like Aerial photography, Agriculture, Security Investigation, Surveillance, Firefighting and FPV Project.All products have been certified by CE and FCC, and exported to over ten countries and districts, such as UAS,Australia,Russia and india. ASUAV has been working for ten years to create a Industry benchmarking.


With rigorous management and a first-class team, each link is operated in accordance with rigorous standard procedures to achieve excellence and achieve continuous self-surpassing.

Our Services

Delivery test
Every aircraft in your hands has been tested by us for many times and is in good condition.
Delivery demonstration
We deliver customized aircraft to customers and demonstrate flight operations.
Training and teaching
We provide free training and teaching for new users, so that users can use it with confidence.