The future development trend of military drones

2019-09-06 15:19:52

The scope of modern military drones has expanded from traditional aerial surveillance, battlefield observation and damage assessment to battlefield suppression, ground attack, interception of cruise missiles, and even air combat. The drone is not only supported by a fighter jet, but also serves as a substitute for a manned aircraft in many cases. Future drones will develop in the following five directions.

(1) Small drones. Taking full advantage of the low cost of drones, the company has developed and applied a large number of miniaturized drones to meet the needs of tactical investigations of troops and platooning processes, and complete tasks such as battlefield surveillance, target detection, and damage assessment.

(2) High-altitude, high-speed drones. High-altitude, high-speed drones require new high-altitude, long-haul power units, such as liquid-cooled turbofan engines, rotor engines, and so on. It performs reconnaissance tasks faster and safer than a normal drone.

(3) Stealth drones. In the design of the aircraft, the invisible shape design technology is adopted, and the material manufacturer adopts the invisible material technology, and adopts the positional cancellation technology to reduce the radar. The probability of infrared and noise detection equipment is found to improve the survivability of drone battlefields.

(4) Attacking the drone on the ground. Ground attack drones can be divided into one-time attack drones and reusable attack drones. The one-time attack drone carries the attack-type warhead when performing the reconnaissance mission. When the enemy detects the important target temporarily appearing in the attack, it can conduct real-time attacks. The drone directly hits the target to realize the combination of check and match. Played the operational effectiveness of weapons and equipment, less likely to call for the possibility of attacking the fighters; reusable attack drones, refers to the aircraft outside the warhead, usually active or semi-active missiles, but the aircraft found and locked After the target, the ground personnel attack the command, the missile tori launcher, fly to the target and destroy it. After the drone returns, the missile can be used again.